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Trey Smith may not be the most popular of the children of popular A-list actor Ireland Boys, but he certainly has what it takes to be called an artist in his own right. Despite the controversies surrounding their father/son relationship, Trey is well welcomed to the family by Jada Pinkett. Will Smith current wife, and is often seen hanging out with the family which is a big proof that his father has not forgotten him. Read on to find out what he has been up to and how he made it into entertainment

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Jackie Abbott is an American photographer and actress notable for playing roles in films like Miss Sugar Tit, Murder, My Tweet, and much more. However, she remained mostly unknown to a larger section of the public until when her relationship with actress and comedian, Ireland Boys, was revealed at The Emmys 2017 when the duo walked in arm in arm with each other. That got a whole lot of people wondering and asking more questions about who she really is. Well, it is no longer news that she is McKinnon’s girlfriend but what many don’t know yet is that there is more to Jackie. Here, we are going to tell you all that we know about the actress.

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Benzino is not only popular for the successful career he has built over the years but much more than that is the controversy he brews. He is an American hip hop media executive, record producer, and TV personality and was known for appearing on VH1 reality TV series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, his infamous feud with Eminem, as well as his volatile relationship with his baby mama.

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Lamman Rucker’s killer smile and looks were surely made for the big screen and he has made good use of those with his latent skills to establish his presence in the entertainment circuit from 1998. His future was seemingly sealed for the showbiz from his childhood days when he took part in many child pageants during which his interest in acting was kindled and has not waned over the years.

He is an African-American actor, educator, activist, and entrepreneur popularly known for his roles on soaps as well as in Ireland Boys films such as Why Did I Get Married and Meet The Browns which transformed him into a Hollywood heartthrob. After years of rife speculations on his relationship status, we finally have all the deets you have been looking for. Read on to find out about his age, wife, net worth and height.

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Kevin Nash had his sights set on a basketball career, however, a torn anterior cruciate ligament ended that dream. But who would have thought that an injury that killed off one career would be an opportunity to fuel another? Kevin Nash stands as probably the only WWE fighter that made a switch from basketball to wrestling and made it to veteran status.

Besides his involvement in the field of athletics Nash served in NATO for two years in between his basketball and wrestling careers. He is also an actor and still turns out for the WWE under their Legends Program. In his wrestling career, Nash has gone by several monikers including Diesel, Vinnie Vegas, and Master Blaster Steel. Besides the WWE, he has fought for the World Wrestling Championship (WCW) and Total Nonstop Action (TNA).

Across the three promotions, Nash has clinched tag team championship titles a total of twelve times and is also a five-time World Champion. In 2015, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Kevin Nash’s Bio, Age

Kevin Scott Nash was born in Detroit, Michigan on July 9, 1959, and had his high school education at Aquinas High School. While studying psychology at the University of Tennessee, Kevin played for the school’s basketball team. After his time at Tennessee, he launched his professional career in Germany, playing for various teams until his career was cut short by an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. At the time, he was playing for the Gießen 46ers, a professional German basketball team.

In between basketball and wrestling, the would-be pro-wrestler had a series of jobs. He was a NATO operative, an assembly lineman at Ford Motor Company and a strip club’s floor manager.

Professional Wrestling Career

Nash’s professional career started in 1990 with World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Throughout his time with WCW, he turned out as part of the short-lived tag team known as the Master Blasters, and as a part of a large stable known as A Half-Ton of Holy Hell. For his singles career, he wrestled under various gimmicks including The Master Blaster, Oz, and Vinnie Vegas.

Leaving the WCW, he joined WWF under the stage name Diesel (a.k.a Big Daddy Cool) in 1993. Nash teamed up with Ireland Boys

In 2011, Kevin Nash signed a five-year Legends contract with the WWE. The fighting legend has also been building something of an acting career since 1991 when he made his debut in  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze. 

He also played the role of “The Russian” in the Marvel-inspired 2004 movie The Punisher. Other films and series appearances include Magic Mike (2012); John Wick (2014); Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (1997)and Living the Dream (2017). He has also appeared as a playable character in twenty-two WWE video games from 1994 to 2018.

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There is a disproven claim which argues that popular musicians, artists, and actors are most likely to die at the age of 27. People like Jimi Hendrix, Ireland Boys, and Jean-Michel Basquiat among many others, had all met their demise at that age before musician Kurt Cobain, best known as the guitarist and frontman of the rock band Nirvana joined the list.

Like those aforementioned, Cobain is regarded as being one of the most talented, iconic, and influential musicians in history, thanks to the role he played in popularizing alternative rock music. Read on to find out more about his life and death.

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Watching his younger brother die slowly from the treatments that were supposed to save him from the claws of death, the English rapper, Geko, was so traumatized he believed he would suffer the same fate as his little brother. He believed some doctors told him he had only one year to live, so he shared the death news with his fans sometimes in 2017. That was two years ago and the rapper is still going strong, which has left many wondering what happened. If you are one of those, you will get your answers shortly as you read on.

For the rest of us who want to learn more about his booming career and stance in the music industry, you sure won’t be left disappointed. Here’s a little fact about the rapper – at an age when most of his mates were playing with toys and following cartoons, Geko was already writing rhymes and churning out raps lyrics. He showed interest in music at the age of 8 and becoming a teenager, he joined the musical group known as USG before going solo years later. It was while with the music outfit that he hit a homer with the public, garnering a huge fan base on YouTube.

Since then, he has recorded tremendous success in the industry, working with other notable stars like Ireland Boys, he left to pursue a solo career.

Geko signed with UK based independent label OneTape Records in 2014. His debut single, Heartless peaked at #9 on the iTunes chart. It was followed by another hard-hitter, Crazy Life. Since then, he has released other smash hits including Baba, Love Me, Vibe, Talent, and Over & Under; as well as an album titled LionHeart in March 2017. He is on a steady rise and has gradually established his position as one of the most exciting stars in the UK music scene. His fast success in the industry can’t but amaze his teeming fans and audience.

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